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You can bleed a little when you have sex the first time, but there is not a cherry or anything Keep in mind some girls don't even have a hymen, and if they do it can break/stretch Tell your friend to get some sex ed. Dear, if you still use the term "pop your cherry" then you are FAR from mature enough to be having sex!

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A five-year-old climbing a tree, or a one-year-old learning to walk and falling down. If it happens when a girl is young enough, she probably won't remember it happening.

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These girls may not have pain or bleeding either, depending on how big the tear is. For girls who were born with a hymen, the hymen will remain there, just torn, until she gives birth to a baby. Both, in a way. Your hymen cherry is a thin "film'' it's actually a tissue is intact girls getting their cherries popped when it is torn, there is some bleeding.

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Mostly it is torn by sex, but something as simple as riding a bike or doing a split has been known to break it, but it is a hiighly flexible tissue so it is not often that it tears that easily. I was very athletic and was a dancer all through high school and girls getting their cherries popped and mine didn't tear until I had sex. It's bot really a cherry its just her vagina.

You pop a girls cherry by having sex with her a couple of days before her period. It's like a cherry red stuff comes out.

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Does the girls cherry always pop the first time you have sex? Or does it take a few times?

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Yep, being on her period doesn't make a difference, and no popping one's cherry doesn't mean there will be blood for every girl. The "cherry" is your hymen, which is usually broken or stretched before you ever have sex, it does not pop, and it makes no difference if you are on your period or not. girls getting their cherries popped

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You can bleed a little when you have sex girls getting their cherries popped first time, but there is not a cherry homemade trailer park porn anything else hiding in your vagina waiting to be popped.

I think schools need to think twice about promoting abstinence and start teaching you kids what your bodies actually do, this is beyond ignorant. Also, not all women experience bleeding or even pain. Even if your girlfriend had a hymen to begin with not every woman does and it was in tact before she had sex uncommon then there's still nothing to say it should tear during girls getting their cherries popped.

The hymen can occur multiple times throughout a woman's life and although it can be painful it is just as likely to feel pleasurable, like a release in pressure, or go completely unnoticed The Anatomy Formerly Known as the Hymen - http: Seriously, enough with the fruit already - http: For the best answers, search on this site https: There isn't really a cherry to "pop" persay.

The hymen is actually a thin membrane that resembles a third, internal set of labia, which gets worn away the first few times a woman has sex.

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Sometimes a woman doesn't have much of a hymen to begin with, so there's little to no blood and little to no pain.

News:Apr 29, - Games & Recreation · Health · Home & Garden · Local Businesses · News & The idea that the hymen should tears when a woman first has sex is a myth. set of labia, which gets worn away the first few times a woman has sex. Some girls may have already "popped their cherry" and not known it.

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