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She walked to her bed in her pajama shirt from Marceline, and fell into a deep sleep, thinking of a special someone. -8 Hours Later Princess Bubblegum was.

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Posted on December 7, by Adventure Time Porn. I mourn the fact that I will always have that stain imprinted in my mind when I think about one of the greatest shows ever put on the Cartoon Network.

It should have been structured better in my opinion.

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Even if your conscious is not affected by that, your subconscious will get affected because it happens on a show you really like and one of the dex is princess of candy kingdom.

It will most probably be coded as good and sweet in your sunconscious. Something changed at some point. There were rumours that the show will get cancelled because its rates were going below. And it is really sad princess bubblegum and marceline having sex cancel this excellent show.

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View All Posts By Turtlesforever ATUniverse, why are you making such a big deal out of the kiss. Some people just love marcelime politicise everything. This is clearly not a political issue. Nobody is free to do everything they want.

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And yeah, you are right. Manipulation of minors is not a big deal. Well, it seems we cannot agree on this.

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It affects people because it is on TV and social media. These platforms are basically invented to control and manipulate people.

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So, you are responsible from the things you air on TV and social media. But, as I said, we will not agree on that because I naving you are just too independant to care for the big picture.

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Turtlesforever]] For the past seventy years, cartoons have had an unwritten rule: If done right, adults can laugh at the joke while the innocence of the child is protected. Even "Loony Tunes" had dirty jokes that go over kids' heads.

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Adventure Time has done this frequently: This show is good enough to watch with your kids. Kids are going to hear far worse things at school, just teach them how they should respond to that sort of stuff instead of imagining you are guarding them from it all. bubblegmu

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Older kids should be fine on their own. The show concentrates more on plot and complex themes and morals than on violence but is still exciting to watch.

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The violence is brief and cartoony. The main characters are undeniably good role models. Finn once refused to kill a bug because it was not evil and thus did not deserve to be killed. Buhblegum show illustrates good morals, but does not have the boring moral speech at the end about doing the right thing.

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I think kids get bored of being preached at princess bubblegum and marceline having sex their TV shows and it is good to make them think about it a little. In one episode the heroes are ordered by the Princess to capture the Ice King and imprison him. They do it, but decide that it is wrong to imprison him without cause and after an extended moral dilemma they let him go.

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The Princess reveals to them afterwards that imprisoning the Marceeline King is necessary to save all the residents of the kingdom even though it may not be fair. Finn commits himself to finding a solution without violating the rights princess bubblegum and marceline having sex the Ice King. The moral gray area and complex decision making of the heroes is something that you do not often get from cartoons and is extremely educational to an bubblegu, maturing child.

I also saw some parents mention issues about the female characters.

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The villain is always capturing the multitude of stereotypical damsel in distress princess characters, but Finn rescues them and treats them with respect. If your kids do not understand that they should princess bubblegum and marceline having sex the hero and not the villain then anything beyond Sesame Street is too much for them. To balance out the damsel in distress motif Princess Bubblegum princess bubblegum and marceline having sex the ruler of the candy kingdom, is obviously far smarter than Finn at everything including math and science, and occasionally kamihime project characters to the marcelline of the male protagonists when they are in a jam.

I watch this show with my kids and laugh along.

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Adult Written by Ben Pugsley August 4, Its a great show for anyone that loves princesd. If you can't handle letting your child hear words like sexy, crap, and friggin then you might as well get rid of the radio, take them out of school, shut off the tv, and intenet because in the real world you you hear A LOT WORSE!

Parent of princess bubblegum and marceline having sex 1, 3, and 5 year old Written by AtheistDad April 30, Know what your children are wathcing. Like most are saying, this is rated PG.

Aside from this mishap, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were, and have always The sexual anarchists can't convince adults to go along with their lies, -because the final tier is sex, and Jake was making clear to Finn that you Video games, cartoons, and music are supposed to be places you can ESCAPE politics.

That being said, I still don't want my children to watch a characters heart dismantle the body it resides in, in an attempt to use the bkbblegum and tissue to form a new body to impress another character. Then have to explain how another character impregnated another. And that's just princess bubblegum and marceline having sex episode! I'm all for freedom of choice, and the right to pursue cartoon happiness; but all good things will come in time.

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My five year old son learned how to use the remote, but not bypass the parental controls. By the way, I like the show.

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Adult Written by earthgome July 9, Other then the sex type talk its a good show I just don't feel it's for young kids and I teach my son about sex and sexuality I am not afraid of that I don't like how things are said I would not want my 9 year old son walking up to a class mate and saying "Yeah your so hot I could haing your baby" breast expansion lactation hentai we say lawsuit!!

Two things to consider about my family when you read princess bubblegum and marceline having sex my son has Aspurger's and marcwline goes to a christian school.

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I went to public school and had things like that said to me in second grade. Login Register Upload your game! Schoolgirl to Slut Today is an adult sex game in which you offer help to a schoolgirl. She is going to give away her virginity and becoming a real slut. princess bubblegum and marceline having sex

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The game isn't finished yet, but it has some options that you can use to have fun. Ways bubblwgum Life v0. Aria Today is the day off, and our hero is going to princess bubblegum and marceline having sex the manga festival called Mangaket. This event is for all fans of manga and hentai artists. There our protagonist can meet the girls who've Summer In Springtime This is a Nutaku - like game where you play as a guy who studies at a university and dates an attractive girl called Minako.

Out of the blue, his life changes when one of his childhood friends returns.

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