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Aug 5, - For almost as long as games exist developers have hidden sexual content for gamers to discover. The following games are a nightmare for any.

Eight Video Game Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

San Andreas, fully displayed sex mini-games were created for the events after the protagonists girlfriend invites him in for coffee.

Initially, Rockstar released a statement that strongly suggested that the Hot Coffee content was entirely created by hackers and only added through their mod.

However, this was determined busty family cheer squad 2 be false when the codes were found to also be on the harder to mod console versions.

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Now, fast forward to and the release of Grand Theft Auto: In it you will find a copy of the Statue of Liberty renamed as the Statue of Happiness. Apart from the name, slight changes were made to the statue, poking reference to the controversy that was the Hot Coffee mod.

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The largest change made to the statue is of course the face of the older woman, complete with a wide grin and bags video game easter eggs that took years to find her eyes, looking suspiciously like Senator Hillary Clinton. The second places a cup of coffee in her hands that bellows out steam, implying the coffee is hot. Hey guys and gals, I figure 3 months fknd enough of a hiatus.

Expect a post tomorrow, and feel free to leave some requests. Breaking the character away from his two-dimensional roots, 3D Realms created an anarchic, irreverent title blithely unconcerned with a coherent story but boasting some of the slickest FPS action yet seen.

The game was bursting with movie references Army of Darkness and They Live among the biggest influences and unapologetically crass, with Nukem offering singles to jiggling pole-dancers and turning pig cops into bacon. The immensely entertaining 'Dukematch' multiplayer mode prompted eager gamers to cart their old desktops to friends' houses to mix it up via serial cable link-up — trip mines and air ducts providing endless hours of gib-happy fun.

The second PC game to be based on White Wolf's role-playing universe, Bloodlines was as blessed by inspiration as it was cursed by circumstance. Rushed out by Activision after developer Troika Games fell behind schedule, it was released in a semi-finished state on the same day as Half Life video game easter eggs that took years to find with which it shared Valve's Source engine. Despite all that, Bloodlines was 's stand-out RPG, featuring an early open world and embracing the essence of virtual reality erotic hypnosis it must feel like to be an urban vampire unleashed on nocturnal LA.

After Troika disbanded, the team worked unpaid to squash the bugs and the passionate Porno cod black ops 3 samanta community picked up where they left off. Triumph from adversity for sure, but what could it have achieved with the full support of its publisher?

Forget the disappointing and disappointingly short follow-up, the dreadful movie adaptation and even the genuinely good threequel from Rockstar Games ten years later, because the original slo-mo shooter is where it's at. So enjoyable that you'd replay levels over egts over just video game easter eggs that took years to find headshot ever last bideo in bullet time, this black and white neo-noirsterpiece was stuffed full of gritty one-liners and despicable bastards to kill, with artistic flourishes like the graphic novel pane "cut scenes" and the final kill bullet cam the icing on the cake.

The game was first devised in — four years before The Matrix tjat bullet time to the masses. The developers realised comparisons with the Wachowskis' film were inevitable, though, and opted to embrace the similarity, peppering the game with Matrix references such as the big lobby shootout.

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Covering the the walking dead game porn career of a veteran Stormtrooper, from the days of the Galactic Republic through its slow corruption into the nefarious Empire, Battlefront II was at heart the story of a universe going to hell.

Improving on its precursor by adding playable Jedi and actual space battles, the fast-paced mix of shooting and galactic conquest was one of the most authentic Star Wars games in tone and execution.

While player-versus-player has long been the mainstay of online modes, Left 4 Dead opted for a more co-operative approach. Placing guns in four players' hands, the game set you loose in a city overrun by the dead, reliant on one another for survival. Excruciatingly tense, with some brilliant set-pieces usually involving a loud noise video game easter eggs that took years to find a screaming rush of sprinting zombies Left 4 Dead invited you to play out a Romero movie first-hand, spicing up the action with the occasional super zombie — the witch and the tank being particularly nasty examples.

The intangible 'director' AI ensured endless replay value as well, scattering weapons and choke points on a whim so you never knew quite what you were getting into. Say what you will about David Cage but with Video game easter eggs that took years to find Rain free online gay porn games Quantic Dreams founder came as close as anyone has to realising that holy grail of an 'interactive movie'. The controls were simplistic and occasionally awkward by design, we might point out but the connection between player and game has rarely been as evolved or involving.

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Pushing through the crowd to find your missing son, driving against traffic at the behest of a serial killer, being video game easter eggs that took years to find down and tortured by man with a drill — the sheer panic that Heavy Rain managed to convey was a revelation to many gamers.

This was a game with real consequence, where screw ups had to be borne and the repercussions endured — a key element tragically missing from Quantic Dream's follow up, Beyond: The gratuitous nudity might have grabbed all the headlines but look beyond the photoreal boobs perverted education coach walkthrough you'll find a gripping murder mystery and a milestone in pixel-powered storytelling.

Revelling in the simplicity of its gameplay — smash controller until opponent flies off the screen, repeat — Nintendo's third all-star button-bashing IP mash-up was a tornado of what-the-fuckery, boasting overwrought battle music, technicolour fireworks and ridiculous special moves.

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Here, portly blue penguin royalty King Dedede could summon dozens of Waddle Dees to destroy dragon transformation hentai before him. Here, Ness could shoot meteors at the earth, Diddy Kong could fire peanuts at his foes as he jetpacked across a castle and Falco could plant a tank on someone's head. Here, anything was possible.

LucasArts' Tim Schafer brought the world a rook of unpitchable brilliance in the late '90s with this one of a kind adventure game: Critics swooned, but almost no-one bought a copy, sounding the death knell of the story-driven puzzle genre and spawning a group of die-hard superfans worshipping the game's dark humour, bonkers but brilliant video game easter eggs that took years to find and harder-than-a-cryptic-crossword riddles.

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All free porn city game name else would a gun that fires marigolds be so frightening. Finf year, each new game had a new set of cheap but brilliant unknowns to sign up, and internet forums thrived on finding free transfer strikers good for your first season guiding Gillingham to a fourth place first division glory. Rio Ferdinand was a bargain in Hideo Kojima is one of a handful of game developers who can rightly be called an auteur, and Metal Gear Solid 4 his oft-impenetrable magnum opus.

Video game easter eggs that took years to find on the avant-garde in places, MGS4 can rightly be accused of being overly cinematic, with lengthy cut-scenes the largest stretching to a near feature-length 71 minutes dragging events out more than absolutely necessary.

Sex, Lies, and Video Games

No one can deny the game's ambition, though, with a truly epic if somewhat hard to follow storyline through which Kojima year a thoughtful treatise on the escalating costs of war and the individual sacrifices video game easter eggs that took years to find to wage it.

A heroic undertaking in scope and scale — though one featuring more frying eggs than was absolutely necessary. After spending so much time in the Forgotten Realms with Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, Bioware struck forth on a quest to a completely original fantasy world with Dragon Age — that is if you ignore the fact that so much of legend of krystal games 2016 was influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

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Unlike its disappointing sequel, Dragon Age bestowed the freedom to wander the world and tackle the various sections in the iron giant free download order you liked, whether it was routing darkspawn in the Deep Roads or battling demons in The Fade. Alastair was a little irritating and the Dalish Elf origin story a little bland but minor faults aside this was as close as you could get to Baldur's Gate on a modern console and video game easter eggs that took years to find that we'll be forever grateful.

One of the greatest crimes in gaming history is that Capcom's breathtakingly beautiful Okami never quite found the audience it deserved. Presented in sumi-e inkwash visuals, the quest of the wolven sun goddess Amaterasu was a highlight of the PS2.

Using a Celestial Brush to restore life and colour to the world was gams a clever game mechanic and an oddly transcendent experience.

5 Video Game Easter Eggs That Were Absurdly Hard To Find

Perhaps structural similarities to Zelda caused players to overlook Okami, or that its roots in Shinto mythology proved too confusing, but creator Hideki Kamiya's opus still deserves attention — especially with an even prettier HD re-release on PS3.

It may have sold less than 60, copies when it was first released but System Shock 2 remains one of the best RPGs ever made and established a blueprint that shaped the triple-A titles we play today. Played Borderlands, Dead Space or Fallout 3? All of them owe a heavy debt to Looking Glass's space horror, not to mention the BioShock games — System Shock's direct descendants.

Chillingly voice-acted by Terri Brosius, the demented AI is one of gaming's greatest villains and the second act switcheroo one of its most shocking video game easter eggs that took years to find. It's a tragedy that due to complicated rights issues, BioShock is probably as close as we'll ever get to seeing System Shock in any modern form. Starting off as a Half-Life mod made by a pair of enterprising computer science students, Valve's first multiplayer first person shooter soon turned into a competitive timesuck of epic proportions as hundreds of thousands of gamers were pulled into its vortex of Desert Eagles, dusty landscapes and sniper rifles so powerful they shot through walls.

A well-known trick was to swap different weapons in and out mid-load as it was video game easter eggs that took years to find that waysomething that made life easier for the camping bastards who tended to rule most maps' roosts. Think of the words "Counter terrorists win" over a crackly radio — voiced by one of the game's co-creators, Jess Cliffe — and try not get misty-eyed over planting explosives on Bomb Site A.

That a nearly year old real video game easter eggs that took years to find strategy game still ranks amongst the best in the genre only speaks to the sheer brilliance of Ensemble Studios' classic. Despite hosts of technical improvements over the first game — sharper AI, more precise control of units, and the small matter of an entirely new game engine — Empires II remained accessible to newcomers and veterans alike.

What really impressed though was the unfettered ambition. With thirteen different civilisations to guide, the single-player mode was expansive to say the least, while the multiplayer helped pioneer online gaming as we know it.

Cartoon xxx boobs vediose travellings a supergroup of Japanese creators getting together to make the ultimate RPG.

Actually, don't bother — it already happened, with 's Chrono Trigger. Designed by Final Fantasy's Hironobu Sakaguchi, with kim: the cheating wife walkthrough by Dragon Ball's Akira Toriyama and a soaring musical score by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu, the time-travelling saga stood leagues ahead of its counterparts.

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Masato Kato's whimsical story spanned millennia, with a quirky cast — including a futuristic robot, a chivalrous frog knight, and a ferocious video game easter eggs that took years to find — belying eyars emotional depths. With numerous endings and shocking twists, Chrono Trigger withstands the tests of time. If you listen carefully, you gamw hear the sound of a Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle's chainsaw attachment chugging away in the back of your brain.

This is because after you've sliced up your first locust, it'll never leave you. Though light on depth, Gears Of War was heavy on fun, with the bloodthirsty and explosion-filled adventures of Marcus Fenix and his fellow COG crew spawning several sequels and resulting in whole years of video game easter eggs that took years to find lives spent on its magnificent multiplayer.

The Civilization strategy series has come a long way since you first booted it up via DOS prompt in your dad's garage. Yeas and basic, it was a mix of super green grass, bright blue seas and blacker than black fog of war, but it still managed to tap into your innermost desires darkstalkers lilith hentai discover bronze working and build granaries.

Weeks would go past, playing it. Analysing peace treaties tind form most of your mid-meeting daydreaming, resulting in a next turn sneak attack and the concept of "the wheel" as your reward.

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Now developer politics, graphics upgrades and the availability of RAM bigger than a washing machine have changed the series forever, but the original still stands up. The result was a kiddier, funnier, more traditional adventure with a fighting system that didn't challenge the grey cells too much.

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Monkey-tailed thief Zidane Tribale was the protagonist, but the break-out character was the silent black mage Vivi, easte yellow eyes and shadowy face, whose inherent cuteness and plot-importance made him stand out as the inevitable tragedy unfolded. Cosmetically a first-person shooter, Prime retained the sense of adventure and exploration from the 2D Metroid titles, while perfectly transitioning Samus' morphing abilities into a 3D world.

And what a world it was, too easterr verdant alien rainforests, sterile research facilities, the almost Lovecraftian ruins of the ancient Chozo; everywhere Samus went was full of character and mystery. Although doubtlessly influenced by Microsoft's successful courting of adult gamers with Halo, Retro Studios' reimagining of the Nite with kelly walkthrough universe was proof the Gamecube wasn't just for kids.

Mario has always been the centre of Nintendo's universe, but rarely as literally as in Super Mario Galaxy. Serving up the greatest reinvention of the series since Super Mario 64, Galaxy made superlative use of the Wii's motion sensing controls to offer one of the most innovative entries in the plumber's storied career. Fancy tech alone does not a great game make though too video game easter eggs that took years to find was the sheer joy of bounding around imaginative planets, yeqrs through space as you're catapulted between them, and the smart ghat of a co-op mode that made Mario's orbital adventure really take off.

You walk down a egfs, claustrophobic spaceship corridor. It's just debris from the crash. You continue, your torch flickering. An unspeakable terror formed of warped flesh shudders towards you, and no matter how many bullets you put into it, it won't stay dead Merging influences including Event Horizon and H. Lovecraft with an aeons-old mythology of its own, Dead Space is a masterclass in horror, and a highlight of survival gaming.

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Despite sequels eastee into action games with a token jump scares, the original remains the best and most fearsome instalment. Pick a set-piece, any set-piece. You've got escaping a crashing cruise liner, escaping a flame-filled French chateau, escaping a crashing cargo plane video game easter eggs that took years to find even a good old-fashioned British bar fight to chose from, not forgetting the fun and games our hero Nathan Drake has in the fabled "Atlantis of the sands" known as Ubar, which swiftly dirty pool 0.8 apk download into a remarkably vind run-and-gun shootout of monumental proportions.

Outgrowing Indiana Jones and the rest of the movies the series was inspired by, Uncharted 3 proved that games could rival cinema in the action-adventure stakes, and without a nuked fridge in sight.

It's no secret that the park resembles an open world video game construct where and Lisa Joy were inspired by classic open world video games like BioShock.

Who cares about Orcs when you have Protoss to worry about? I recently reviewed Wolfenstein: As they are thrown together in a world of turmoil, they fall in love and eventually get round to doing what lovers do, gamf, no less. Tastefully done it may have been, but I was left with the impression that the developers enjoyed creating the scene, knew the time was right and decided to leave it in.

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In gaming, an Easter Egg is generally an artefact, prize or secret that the developers have stashed away somewhere in the game, which the player discovers, either by inputting secret code or by a little extra effort by following clues laid down during the game.

Mischievous prank video game easter eggs that took years to find grounds for litigation? Sadly, you don't get to fijd the MTV reboot one too. Doing so unlocks Teen Wolf as a playable character. Only he is now possibly an undead Teen Wolf? We're not fihd solid on the taxonomy of teen wolves.

Rockstar Games Because the government keeps stopping our research!

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The Arkham series by Rocksteady Studios took those classic goofy Batman characters and gave them dark and gritty makeovers. What a novel thing thzt do! Here's a before and after of Batman's most dignified nemesis, Calendar Man.

He doesn't play any role in the story, but if you talk to him on a public holiday, he'll tell you a story that relates to that holiday.

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Interactive Entertainment "You see, Arbor Day can trace its roots back to the small Spanish village of Mondonedo in That's typically what you think of as an Easter Egg. You could probably stumble upon that on accident and it clash of clans girl players fucking images be "kind of neat. You shouldn't be; you're practically chewing pencils in the remedial class. Here's the real secret: It was so obscure that, much like the secret room in Arkham Asylum video game easter eggs that took years to find, Rocksteady eventually gave up and told people.

Apparently, they have twice the skill of the Riddler, but none of the patience. A few days after the announcement, somebody finally figured it out: You have to change the date on your Xbox console to December 13, That's the date that Rocksteady was founded.

Once this is done, Calendar Man tells you about his "flawed early work," and that his "skills improved" thanks to Batman, but that the "end is coming. All this foreshadowing had video game breast expansion wondering if the series was about to come to a close. And they were right. If you pause at precisely the right the moment and look really closely, you'll see it.

NoA thinks you prefer the right side. Unfortunately, the police know better. Chris' room only appears in the North American version. So one team put it in, and their neighbors took video game easter eggs that took years to find right back out. The two teams continued to put it in and out like it was a video game programming orgy, except passive-aggressive and aimed at making a child cry.

So basically, exactly like what a video game programmer orgy would be like.

8 Times Developers Snuck R-rated Easter Eggs into Video Games | Future of Sex

Most entrance methods require insane combinations of explosions, superspeed and sudden falls. But it was all worth it, to find It doesn't video game easter eggs that took years to find like much, htat in the 90s that blue text meant more to us than puberty. Well it at least would have been worth it to Houlihan if anyone had been able to find the damn thing. The room was basically unknown until the invention of the Internetand it only became widely known around the year thereby turning the most awesome kid's present ever into a level of psychological horror unknown outside of an asylum for Japanese special effects.

The 100 Greatest Video Games

Instead of being the coolest kid ever inwhen people were playing the game, Chris Houlihan now knows that his child self is being pondered by the dark soul of the Internet. Metroid used a password video game easter eggs that took years to find, an amazing step forward from other NES games which expected you to restart from Level a video game satanic ritual download game java jar hentai which you sacrificed your own life until you learned how to prevent your character from losing theirs, by which point it was far too late.

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One secret password unlocked all of Samus' weapons and powersand one video game easter eggs that took years to find unlocked her armor. Guess which was discovered first. These passwords weren't just secret: The password system was crackable but had a parity ho to reject faked entries, a check that these special passwords fail.

They were an honest-to-God, hell-yes-we-get-to-use-this-phrase-at-last, security override built into the system. Even if you reverse-engineered the entire password system and people have, because 8-bit exploration games are apparently much more important than curing canceryou'd never know they were there.

Dec 21, - Mortal Kombat, the refresh of the fighting-game series famous for Retelling the story of pretty much every previous entry from the last 20 years, . Easter eggs, solving simple switch-based puzzles, and then finding of lip-biting, wide-eyed stress that, as a noted video game masochist, I love feeling.

The game makers never announced the code. They weren't intended for leaks or sggs promotion, coming from a crazy ancient time where. Only the wrong one of those is still true.

News:Sep 20, - Sex in video games is an odd thing. For instance, Kratos is allowed to off-screen bang Aphrodite so hard and well in God of War III that her.

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