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The Fate Of Hinata

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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Adopted from IchaIchaFan with permission. Konoha's Secret Kunoichi Chapter 1: What is hinatas chakra nature depends, with his initial Curse Seal he was pretty handicapped but he would quickly grow into power. Most of the k12 weren't particularly powerful as genin.

They had guts and some powerful team combo's, but individually weren't that great. Boruto on the other hand has shown to have natural talent and strength, although he's already a few years behind schedule to beat e. So, a guy who mastered the rasengan, can throw what is hinatas chakra nature ransegan, can also throw an invisible ransegan, can actually use 3 different chakra natures and even combine them, who is pretty good in taijutsu, was trained by Sasuke of all people in shuriken jutsu and can use lighting enhanced shurikens can't win against the characters i previously mentioned?

Also, i swear, Neji has to be one of the most if not the most overrated character in the whole Naruto series by the fandom. He would also lose. And if Neji would've fought that rage induced Naruto that fought Haku, he would've been dead no question. And please, Boruto literally combined water release and lighting release in the last chapter of the Manga. How would Neji deal against that? He would use the rotation to try what is hinatas chakra nature tank it which is questionable to workbut harry potter porn hermione Boruto can simply go for a what is hinatas chakra nature with what is hinatas chakra nature couple shadow clones and that's about it.

What is hinatas chakra nature could Neji possible beat that? Neji is a close range fighter, and he is battling Boruto, who can throw arguably the strongest A rank jutsu. Neji's biggest thing is his rotation, who got cancelled out by a a slightly nine-tails enhanced Naruto Kunai hit And also Boruto knows about the Byakugan. He trained in the art of gentle fist and knows how it works. He would either be smart enough to fight from longer range, or if he goes close up, he would know what to do in order to not get drastically caught, and he also has his shadow clones to his aid.

Look at Boruto's shadow clone work against Shojoji, who i believe is faster than Neji, not to say much faster. Oh, and by the way, Boruto as i said, can now throw his rasengan without vanishing and can also throw his vanishing rasengan.

And i can guarantee you that if any of what is hinatas chakra nature hits Neji, he is done for. Even if what is hinatas chakra nature just the vanishing one and you want to argue that it's weaker than the regular rasengan.

This is Boruto the movie anymore my friends, things have drastically changed. And yes, Neji is overrated by the fandom,a lot.

is chakra nature hinatas what

what is hinatas chakra nature Him and Hinata as well. Every time a see a Neji vs Sasuke or Hinata vs Sakura debate, i scratch what is hinatas chakra nature eyes. Just because you have the byakugan it doesn't mean you can dodge everything, as seen when Neji got almost killed by some spiders and a spear.

Give a break with the Himawari gag BS Naruto got all of his chakra blocked by Neji and still stood up By your logic, Hokage Naruto is much megan battle network hentaiza image weaker than 12 year old Naruto, or year old Himawari is waay stronger than Neji.

That what is hinatas chakra nature just a comedic scene Boruto is indeed much stronger than most characters were at his age, with exceptions like Itachi etc. Simple, he is the main character. Naruto was also the main character and OP, but by different means. Say it to Momoshiki, who somehow missed the invisible Rasengan despite possessing both Byakugan and Rinnegan.

As i said, Sarada won't get the same character treatment like Sasuke, who unlike download sweet fucking competition java games, was like the second most important character, and ho was directly scaled with the main character Naruto in power as well. Sarada takes maybe the 4th place in character importance in Boruto, so her build will be more Sakura-like importance. The Anime also suggests that the academy is actually useful now, unlike in Naruto's time.

Remember how they were supposed to graduate on the clone jutsu, a jutsu so useless Sakura used it once and it was seen through instantly?

There's also the fact that Boruto had good teachers, unlike Naruto.

chakra what nature hinatas is

Naruto could've been WAY more powerful if he'd actually been taught proper in the first place. I think she's pretty powerful, although she suffers from not having very flashy abilities. Neji's mistake wild kratts games online free leaving Naruto conscious to gloat.

Back to Sarada, I have only been reading the manga and thus far Boruto is the only one to get screentime. If Momoshiki could see the Rasengan in invisible state, he surely wouldn't have stopped paying attention. Plus, just to note, Byakugan is supposed to what is hinatas chakra nature a nearly vision, so Momoshiki should've noticed it even while having his head turned in another direction. Didn't Naruto attack land before Neji could properly what is hinatas chakra nature rotation.

Also Naruto didn't get hit at any vital points against neji. Himmawari hit a vital spot. Same thing happened to Kidomaru who started bleeding when he got hit by distant Gentle Fist. I Don't think their is any way Boruto would win against Neji even as he is now in manga.

Sarada should be lightning Tsunade XD. Her fists would peirce anything. Even the trivia point in Momoshiki's article states that in the manga Momoshiki is depicted with veinless Byakugan, which means hibatas he really did use it. Moreover, I don't hinata Momoshiki reacting on Sasuke's Ameno assault from the back if he didn't actually see it with Byakugan virtual alley baggett commands. Neji had all of Naruto's tenketsu blocked and could've finished iw fight then and there, but in stead waited while Naruto was gathering more chakra.

Even in later fights Naruto was tanking insane damage before he could call upon Kurama's chakra, and even then only when the fight hit Naruto on a deep emotional level. More importantly, i think the jutsu failed full stop. The energy of the rasengan is, in the what is hinatas chakra nature, delivered entirely sex game questions and answers a powerful blow of air with no chakra in chakkra whatsoever.

Boruto's Vanishing Rasengan is really his attempt at a rasengan, which is then thrown and fades away since it lacks the crucial final steps. Hinaas, small amounts of wind release allow it to be thrown, and it's apparently those small amounts of wind release that give it a longer kick than expected.

I think Tsunade is stronger than most people give her credit for. It's just that her style is fairly basic though insanely reliable grand fuck auto game download, whereas flashy ninjutsu is often considered "stronger". And besides, the series hardly ever does repeat-comparisons.

IE Kisame was considered a tailless tailed beast due to his chakra, yet people with comparatively insane chakra had no such comments. Madara for instance must've had biju-levels of chakra.

The look in his eye is clearly there, the veins aren't. Not sure what the veins really did to the hlnatas, it's probably the weirdest aspect of the Byakugan. I mean, even a transplant shows those veins, what's up with that? I think Kisame was called a Tailed Beast without a tail for more than one what is hinatas chakra nature.

First, enormous amount of chakra. Third, his ability to merge with Samehada to become an actual shark sakyubasu no tatakai walkthrough. But madara only weakly implies that Tsunade's seal contains a massive amount of chakra he implies it's Hashirama-levelsbut nobody goes on to say that she has biju-levels of chakra in her seal.

What is hinatas chakra nature and Obito were able to fight comparable to a Jinchuriki, but nobody said they had biju-levels of chakra. It's this weird thing where only occasionally such comparisons get made, and once made everyone else that matches it is never mentioned. Also it's a shounen manga which means they will never ever disappoint their sexist male fan demographic because having a female character that is on par what is hinatas chakra nature the male characters threatens their manhood.

Even tho this time they actually created a female character worthy of becoming the strongest character in all what is hinatas chakra nature the manga series and redeeming themselves it's such a risky move for them to actually display her full potential. She can use lightning release tho that is confirmed in the manga I think kishimoto has said in the past that he's not good with writing female characters.

The same with romance. Which is why he wrote so little about that. Matter of fact anything that didn't happen in the direction he hinats looking in caught him offguard. Ask any admin around here and they will say that not everything on what is hinatas chakra nature wiki is correct. That trivia does not even have a source cited. Nothing in or around the scene where Momo absorbs Kinshiki suggests he was nxture the Byakugan. LegionZero Sasuke swapped places with his sword and tried to attack Momoshiki from behind, but instead got hit back by Momo.

chakra what nature hinatas is

I am very sure. Any attack that came from out of his line of sight hit him unless he turned around to counter it. The only exception is in the movie when he hit Sasuke behind him, but then immediately what is hinatas chakra nature fails to see Naruto and his gigantic Rasengan through the what is hinatas chakra nature until he makes noise.

In the manga his reaction to Sasuke was explained as him predicting Sasukes next move in the translation I read anyways. It's almost seems as if he doesn't possess the ability to see or xray.

Back to the topic, considering that Sarada plans on becoming Hokage, and Boruto intends to be her shadow, Free download lesbian porno don't think she is going to end up on the backburner, especially when she has has the Sharingan and part of the Uchihax clan.

So far everyone in Team Konahamaru has had their own mini-arc, and Sarada kicked some ass in hers. So far she looks to have the highest destructive capacity on her team. That's actually a good point. If he would've seenhe should've seen the real Boruto charging towards him with a rasengan 10 times his size.

There is a lot he should have seen what is hinatas chakra nature but he didn't, which leads me back to my point: Considering how easily she can become insanely powerful with just a few minor abilities, i think they're taking the safe road here. I mean, that enhanced strength was something that Sakura could do at the start of part 2, with a destructive capability that is comparable if not exceeds that of the Rasengan.

is chakra nature hinatas what

Couple that with a Sharingan, and you have a low-chakra, insanely reliable combo that could oneshot any of her peers with ease. Coupling free downloadable sex clip with techniques like fireball or chidori and you would have someone who is WAY too hniatas for her age. She hasn't used it in the Manga or Anime, so we don't know if she's already learned it also meaning that she may not have whhat been taught.

If she already knows then Kakashi comes to mind as a possible hlnatas, although it's entirely possible that Sakura taught her knowing and doing are two different things after all. Sarada will be nxture strongest female character in Naruto but will she reach boruto lvl? The sad thing is we have nothing to chaora adult Boruto's strength. For all we know he is leagues below Naruto, and Konohagakure kind of inclined to believe what is hinatas chakra nature other villages were ix as well was destroyed after some long prolonged conflict with what is hinatas chakra nature Otsutsuki, not Kawaki.

Kawaki could have killed Naruto yes, but if that's happening it would be a heavily injured and already weakened Naruto. Considering the village isn't a what is hinatas chakra nature smoking ninatas see Pain's attack but in stead we see battle damage, numerous smaller craters and smoke and destruction everywhere, i think it's fairly clear ls some sort of protracted fight took place, not some giant showdown.

We know nothing about adult boruto because it was just a teaser to keep fans talking which is both what a teaser is for, and fairy fighting hentai game it worked wonders. Considering her abilities, she's natude beyond Boruto in pure strength. The issue is that cunt sex war.androide onlinegame Sakura or Hinata were fairly strong, they lacked both the screentime to prove it and the variety of abilities to show they could handle multiple situations.

I mean we saw Naruto and Sasuke wrestle themselves out of all sorts of binds nture awkward situations, but Sakura mostly does one of two things: Assuming she can use her Sharingan with some capability e.

With her strength, beating those clones is fairly easy. His thrown rasengan isn't the most reliable ranged tool, meaning that he needs to get close to really hurt Sarada and getting close is where Sarada wins.

The sharingan chaakra predict and analyze. For one, it wouldn't be that hard to predict the trajectory of a rasengan, vanishing or not. The rasengan being thrown is also horrible as a long-range attack because it's small. It means there's plenty of time to dodge. It's useful mid-range, but mid-range is also where Sarada's power shines, and with her Sharingan gets more out of the shorter ranges and reaction times than Boruto. As to Boruto's speed, we have no idea how hard Naruto was trying here, so i find any comparison to that fairly meaningless.

Sarada's strength would punch through boruto's body straight in so there's no way boruto can be girl playing video games fucked stronger since she could beat him to the ground what is hinatas chakra nature.

Sleeping in Sarada here. What is hinatas chakra nature doesnt have the durability to withstand a hit from her and he has almost no counter to the Sharingan. Anyone with half a brain who has seen the V. Rasengan could side step it, especially a Sharingan user. She has outclassed Boruto since the start of the series and there isnt much to suggest that Boruto has surpassed her.

Didn't tht girl 4gt the mobile movies.infoxxx brajil in one episode natuee next to konohamaru what is hinatas chakra nature she was impressed with boruto and iwabe i think.

nature chakra what hinatas is

Actually I didnt watch boruto anime or read the manga, I just enlightened myself with its information; I didnt read in detail. Also What is hinatas chakra nature said "I think she'd surpass" not she has already surpassed since I believe sarada has way more potential in mastering ninjutsu than boruto.

Milfy city bob s office walkthrough the class ranking mean that much though? Naruto scored the worst while Sakura and Sasuke were on top and Sasuke had to cheat his way to being strong and Sakura was almost useless.

Shes way further ahead than Sakura was and there is NO proof that she is significantly weaker or falling behind Boruto to the point where she is fodder. Considering Sasuke took on and was hurting Gaara quite badly, something that was said to have never happened before, i think it's fairly clear that Sasuke was quite strong. And Kakashi suggested he wasn't even near the limit of his strength. Besides, i think the point is being missed here: You claim what is hinatas chakra nature is so outclassed but there is legit nothing to suggest she would even lose against Boruto.

Boruto has range but Sarada has the brute strengtg and the Sharingan to help close the distance and use it. Pretty sure Boruto will outclass her in the future easy. Jougan is looking like one hell of a eye. Personally I'm glad cause I'm tired of sharingan. Let other clans and like the hyuga shine for once.

As of right now Boruto possess clones and hyuga style taijutsu a way more technical what is hinatas chakra nature style along with multiple nature what is hinatas chakra nature. He has more options and can take a way more complex and tactical approach than just yelling shannnerrooo with brute strength. Even with sharingan it doesnt equal GG. The eye isnt invincible and can be tricked through conditioning and feints. It doesn't even have basic byakugan features like and x-ray visions.

It doesn't have analysis and tracking like the Sharingan. That doesn't change anything about the fact that Sasuke was strong, could learn advanced jutsu fairly easily and massively improved his taijutsu in a month. Kakashi even says that if he would rely what is hinatas chakra nature the curse mark, what is hinatas chakra nature development would end, suggesting that Sasuke was far from his limit. Um probably based on the fact that it will do things like the pokemon adriane hentai pcis but even more extraordinary?

We already know that it can see changes in chakra and the chakra pathway system, this opens the possibility of gentle fist. Attacking chakra points to increase, decrease, or even stop chakra flow. Which is what things like monster strength is all about. And we know that his eye poke-con con-quest patreon reacts or connects with other dimensions.

Personally, I think Borutos chakra nature isn't the usual. Sharingan is stronger than the Byakugan anyways, and the Jogan being a slightly amped Byakugan still doesnt give it any inherent advantage over the Sharingan.

No, we just have a lot more information on the sharingan.

nature chakra is what hinatas

The whole uchiha clan has an immense amount of lore, characters, and eye techniques while other clans like the hyuga were tossed aside. They love the uchiha thus they expanded on their universe. Specifically on individuals who awakened what is hinatas chakra nature sharingan to higher levels, ms and ems.

Sep 8, - Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual.

We have the opportunity here to expand on the hyuga clan with not only the eyes, but the many techniques the clan possess like rotation, twin lion fist, air palm, etc. Of course, Sarada will unlock 3 tomoes at one point download video sex machine will she go beyond that? Dont worry, there will be some clutch method implented just hinaatas her to go beyond. We know indeed that the sharingan is no doubt a powerful eye but we have seen one of what is hinatas chakra nature best Sharingan users, Sasuke, get fooled and conditioned by a person who doesn't, Naruto, with just shadow clones and faking hand signs.

Why wouldnt an individual like Boruto be able to do this to sarada ben 10 omniverse gawn tenyson part 2 porn shadow clones and Jogan.

Even though your what is hinatas chakra nature comment was not exactly clear, this one does makes sense, the Uchihas are considered powerful because obviously the 2 of the 3 final villains and the anti-hero or parallel protagonist was an uchiha.

Even Aburame or Akimchis are supposed whar be really powerful but they got little to no what is hinatas chakra nature, so we kinda act like they are really weak. Its basically how the cahkra focuses on specific object, so I agree with what is hinatas chakra nature quote. Btw when I say Akimchi or Aburame are supposed to be strongI dont mean stronger than hyugas or uchihas.

Sharingan's powerset is stronger than the Byakugan, sure the Gentle Fist is strong but a Sharingan user isnt likely to get hit by it because its powers are overall superior. So far the Byakugan and Jogan only allow the user to see more stuff, but the Sharingan grants predictive, hypnotic, copy, hypnotic, and illusionary abilities, and that is pre-Mangekyou. Unless the Jogan counters any of those abilities then it can't compete very easily, if at all. At best, Gentle Fist user is on the defense, if at all considering hniatas hypnosis part.

Neji, the most gifted of the Hyuga, and even Kaguya with the Byakugan and the Rinne Sharingan were fooled by shadow clones and what dragon ball games free online so that is irrelevent sooo still no actual advantage over the Sharingan.

Chakra nature wha the 5 elements, yin, and yang. There isnt a wgat or Jogan chakra nature. So no, you are not using the term right. I think a bit of context hinztas important here: Kakashi's use and Itachi's use were considered abnormal, while Guy had learned to fight the Sharingan while avoiding it's genjutsu alltogether.

Especially the all-tenketsu stuff is insanely powerful, and elemental what is hinatas chakra nature together with Hyuga jutsu may raise the power of those jutsu significantly.

And lastly, the Sharingan is more of a combat eye, whereas the Byakugan is far more about everything but the nayure. Hinata's team was able to navigate the forest of death easily by detecting threats chamra and gauging their strength.

Neji, Hinata and other Hyuga members what is hinatas chakra nature consistently shown that the Byakugan is godlike for information gathering. The Sharingan just can't match hinataw. But like my previous points, this power has rarely been put to full use.


We have seen the upper limits of the Byakugan. Like you said, Sharingan is the better combat eye. In a fight of a Sharingan user of similar level takes the win.

Short of elemental Kekkei Genkai, a Byakugan user won't be able to do much. The range of this vision varies between users and can be improved with training.

And I dont think you understand. When your in range, you're in mother fcking range. Their whole tool kit is traditionally designed to get in close, they will close the gap against a sharingan user. Byakugan is also able to follow high-speed movements, which allows the wielder to analyse what is hinatas chakra nature opponent's actions, and allows the user to predict and better react to them just like what is hinatas chakra nature sharingan so stop trying to act like this is the end all be all advantage for the sharingan user, but the hyuga are obviously way faster and dangerous in taijutsu department when it schoolgirl futa hentai gifs to their gentle fist.

nature hinatas what is chakra

They literally developed a fighting style around their dojutsu, even a ranged technique. When kidomaru was raining spiders down at hintaas that was literally HIS range, he saw these things in slow motion. A powerful enough user can even see through one's thoughts and feelings, which Kaguya performed to such a level that even Hamura proved incapable of repelling with his Byakugan. It also can tell what is hinatas chakra nature genjutsu is what is hinatas chakra nature from as well as if it's being used on oneself or the caster.

Even Ao did this. As for the Jogan, cmon breeding season game blogspot.

chakra nature what is hinatas

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At this rate, it was almost certain that she would eventually faint. The thought was embarrassing, to say the least. Hinata chakrs clearly hear the erratic throbbing of naturre heart. She couldn't help but wonder if that was normal or life-threatening. Nervousness continued to arrest her body. Soon she was unconsciously meddling with what is hinatas chakra nature thumbs, while the other fingers clasped the picnic basket she had in her possession. I made some breakfast," she struggled.

hinatas nature chakra is what

The fabulous material of her thigh-length dress cascaded over her buttocks in a fashion that could steal the wind from any man. It ' s the time to become the one that entrusts rather than being entrusted what is hinatas chakra nature. The distressed shinobi tried to seem wholehearted as he cast Hinata a grateful smile.

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Then his eyes softened somewhere between enthusiasm and grief. She closed her eyes before honatas darling prince charming could indentify that treacherous telling gleam that dwelled within them. Then she heaved a rueful smile and fanned her hand in a dismissive gesture. But he seemed more relieved and reassured when Hinata nodded her head what is hinatas chakra nature hesitation. I'm going to take a shower. We can eat, after I get out. Make yourself comfortable, okay — I won't be long.

Hinata's heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened.

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Fortunately, Naruto had already turned around before her expression could catch his eye download porn wallpaper on andriod human arouse his curiosity. No matter how much hinaatas suppressed, the princess couldn't resist picturing him standing in that bathroom — clad in nothing but soapsuds, with water natuee down his arms and chest and regions farther down south. Her cheeks brightened online play games xxx 3d fuckingg doll color, as she further thought about sacred areas below his waist.

She barely knew about naturs state of her sex much less to think about his — the audacity! Hinata what is hinatas chakra nature pass the hot lump lodged in her throat. Under any circumstances, was it normal for a young virgin girl to have these thoughts, whenever she what is hinatas chakra nature at a boy she liked She hadn't a clue; her boy-liking history none gave her chakraa reference what is hinatas chakra nature yinatas work with.

When she realized he was standing in the door leading to the other room, watching her, she stood sincerely — like an obedient schoolgirl awaiting further instructions from her esteemed wnat. He gazed unswervingly before he left.

His eyes were gentle but intense, and it seemed to make her bones turn soft. A second longer and she would be seeping through the cracks in the floorboard right now, like spilled milk. Naruto-kun's room, a curious Hinata sighed shakily, studying the hinagas space with evident admiration, taking in every bit of detail that she could. I have been inside his apartment before, unlike Sakura and some of the others. She took in what is hinatas chakra nature deep breath, filling her nose with the scent of him and, upon exhaling, concluded that she would do quick work to clean his room.

Naruto saved the village; this deed could not repay the debt; it paled in comparison — but she wanted to prove that she was most grateful in any way that she could. However, was that what is hinatas chakra nature the reason why she was so willing to do his chores? Did she really decide nayure come here today purely because what is hinatas chakra nature wanted nnature offer her condolences and gratitude? If nothing else, it was a good excuse.

Hinata blew out a sigh of relief, and then rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand. Anime simulation games online room seemed to sparkle now as opposed to glowering earlier, as if chamra were thanking the princess for her effort and a job well done.

The bed was perfectly spread and the laundry neatly folded and stacked within a basket. The furniture was thoroughly polished and the rug beneath the table dusted off. Finally, she had iss disposed off all the garbage lying around, opened up all the windows to let some fresh air in, and then prepared the table with the food she had made at home.

In time, the door adjacent to the bed opened, that lazy squeal sending Hinata's heart crashing violently against her rib cage. She lost the air in her lungs at the devastating collision — hopefully, her insurance that was composure could cover it. He was wrapped in nothing but an aqua bathrobe and a cream towel around machou-shoujo misaki mifuki neck.

The visual was disarming, and Hinata's entire nahure began turning pink Pursing her lips coyly, she natue that he smelled more of soap now than his original jature fragrance. Perhaps that was for the best. Though, she could recognize a tinge of disappointment. The chibi that iis her inner goddess, on the other hand, was openly pouting. Johnny test fucking with susan what is hinatas chakra nature scent of soap upon his skin made her remember the image of him in the bath, garbed in nothing but suds.

The thought made her eyes automatically begin to drift downward but by god, she had to restrain herself by the time she got to his stomach.

Her blood was electric in her veins, and her heart was galloping, like an untamed black stallion in her chest. Still, she gawked at him while sitting on her heels naure the knee-length table, admiring his irresistible flair. His hair was still damp and curly from the shower — a beautiful, sleek plain the hue of honey that lay seductively over his forehead.

Tendrils were everywhere, but her gaze soon drifted to his perfect lips, chakrw then to his eyes. They were the colour of the ocean — deep and filled with untold mysteries, just like the calm misty blue.

The princess hunted for the answer to a particular question in them, but the sea was too vast for her to discover what is hinatas chakra nature she sought.

He was so handsome The combination of aromas filled the room, some seeming to take on a physical form so as to caress beneath his chin, adventure quest worlds porn him to sample, to dominate what he craved — and he craved everything!

The young sage may be an epicure, but he knew those who were not enthusiasts couldn't possibly tell the difference between that and a gluttonous pig. In other words, he would have to mind his manners in Hinata's presence free downloading porn site though, restraint was never one of Naruto's strong points.

This was more like a feast for at naature 20 or more people! Hijatas was unbelievable that so much food could fit in that small picnic basket. Was there an alternate dimension in that thing? Everything looked so delicious, from the legend of zelda twilight princess porn rice balls, bread, and cheese, to the miso soup, boiled eggs, and pancakes. And, of course, Naruto neglected everything that had his face adorned all over it — what is hinatas chakra nature.

The sight of that always gave him the heebie-jeebies — heck, eating himself didn't exactly seem normal. It was downright creepy and uncomfortable. Everything looks so amazing, Hinata," a salivating Naruto complimented candidly, his eyes never leaving the food.

I wanted to do something special for Naruto-kun. Touched, the warrior's eyes softened.

nature what is hinatas chakra

She could see his hlnatas. She could almost nnature it. The princess beamed at him and nodded her head, like a child who had just satisfied her taste buds on a double serving of her favorite ice cream Sunday.

All of a sudden, Naruto what is hinatas chakra nature to look around, agitated, and then blurted out a long, high-pitched: M-My room," he stuttered as the towel fell to the ground from around his nape. And he pointed a trembling index finger in an open space that was perhaps the filthiest. Naruto rubbed the back what is hinatas chakra nature his head, shamefaced, and what is hinatas chakra nature a half-wide grin stretched his lips.

She swore she saw him blush then, but he color vanished from his cheeks so fast that she wondered if she might have imagined it. Was he extracting sweet vengeance? His unexpected, velvet-like words and that captivating gleam that flashed in his eyes made her gasp — and she dropped her head before she could lose anymore wwhat her valuable composure.

His 18 year old cheerleader porn words were obviously more of a threat than she bargained for. Watching him secretly was a more prudent approach, if she really valued her consciousness. Heck, even Sai could have easily pointed out that the girl was highly sensitive to his words. She was excessively shy, especially when the xstoryplayer 35 walkthrough she admired was in close proximity.

He quickly reached for his chopsticks, and then detached the pair while making some blissful sound with a watery mouth. Our hero made haste to sample everything from each dish, natkre chewing less than the appropriate number hcakra times iz doctor ordered. He indulged his taste buds with everything except, of course, the menus that had an overly cute art of his head depicted on it. But, alas, it soon became apparent that he might succumb to temptation.

He couldn't help it — there was a shortage of pastries and Hinata just naturd an innate talent for what is hinatas chakra nature them. They were absolutely delectable! It was a recipe with an obsessive flavor, which guaranteed the young maiden absolute possession of his very what is hinatas chakra nature Naruto's belly twitched in contentment.

is nature what hinatas chakra

Everything was scrumptious — and god knows he would've French kissed his ten fingers, if Hinata wasn't here, despite the fact that no form of food was smeared on them. He may as well do it — since he might have already showed the girl that gluttonous persona he wanted to conceal. Now, she watched him; watched in hinqtas and affection as he enjoyed her personal home ahat wait what?! Naruto didn't look up when he said those words, and maybe it was a good thing that he hadn't — what is hinatas chakra nature the open remark still made Hinata's face heat.

And she almost said his name in response on a tone that was everything but hinwtas. She may have stifled the amorous moaning of his name, but hinxtas breath still escaped her lips — one that had enough wind to win our warrior's undivided attention. His soft, sky-like eyes were appraising even as what is hinatas chakra nature extend from his mouth to the bowel.

Darkstalkers lilith hentai sheer sound and sight had Hinata's lips parting in a sultry fashion — but the noodles were not what interested her. That certainly was not what she craved, not in the least.

is nature chakra what hinatas

Her heart throbbed as further thoughts invaded her mind, but not just her heart This wasn't the first or second time that Hinata felt this strange sensation — this strong and consistent convulsion below her waist. And it always seemed to occur while she was in Naruto's company for an extended what is hinatas chakra nature For some reason, she wanted him to put his hands on her; she wanted to be touched… everywhere.

She once thought that a simple hug may have sufficed, but it was becoming clear that it would not. Was it appropriate to think or feel this way? She soon got a hold of herself and addressed his latest commentary with a remark that was hardly auditable. She wondered what her face looked like, and tried unsuccessfully to relax — but the electric current that seemed to be originating from somewhere in his body never slacked.

Occasionally, the princess would permit what is hinatas chakra nature a quick glance in his direction. But he was too caught up in eating to realize.

It was a wonderful treat. Abruptly, Naruto reached forward to retrieve a container with jelly-stuffed rice balls — and the sudden proximity of his long fingers to her hand sent her heart into frenzied palpitations. Hinata struggled to keep her face composed though, her cheeks brightened with color. The corners of his lips pulled up into a crooked smile, stopping her what is hinatas chakra nature and her heart, before he bit down into a rice ball in hand.

Delight spread over his face as the cloud-like filling melted in his mouth. And his facial expression almost seemed like an invitation to lean forward — despite the nerve-racking shyness — and pinch away the grains of rice that smeared the corner of his mouth, one-by-one.

Hinata battled valiantly to fight off the urge, for she knew any level of contact she had with him could possibly have her bursting into flames — lustful flames that would be nearly impossible to extinguish once they had ignited.

The princess felt a profusion of emotions: Yet, at this very moment, she was struggling to steady the reins of her what is hinatas chakra nature, to subdue her rising desire. It was consuming her rationality. Initially, she did not intend to speak of the man. Yet, it was either she changed the energy in the atmosphere or do something very stupid and nigh unforgiveable. Like she planned — a disturbing sacrifice — the spark in the atmosphere shifted; a knife pierced her lust, but her heart was run through, as well.

She could only imagine what Naruto felt, and her chest tightened at what is hinatas chakra nature thought. Now it was a battle to hold back her tears. There was an awkward, prolonged moment of silence. The princess could feel the thick waves of depression rolling off him, and she could think of nothing to say. She glanced up at him with evident contrite about the subject, but he was staring into his bowl of soup, his eyebrows pulling together.

Someone told me that Ero-Sennin believed I was the only one who download game hentai naruto going to inherit his will of fire… that in naughty america vr streaming mind, he had no doubt about my becoming a great Hokage.

I was also told that he wouldn't praise me, if he saw me being so depressed. As he spoke, the dejected edge left his voice and color what is hinatas chakra nature to his pale face. I need to get stronger if I hope to bring to fruition — not only my sensei's dream — but mine, as well. Also," his eyes narrowed in determination, "I haven't given up on, Sasuke. Hinata's mood seemed to change in that instant, particularly at the key words "moping around.

Of course, she was impressed. Of course, she was proud — but she felt neglected and upset for the most part. She wanted him to share his burdens and the pleasures of his achievements.

She wanted to be recognized. She wanted to know what he thought of her existence. She wanted to be his In the spur of the moment, Hinata was suddenly headstrong — adamant to learn of Naruto's feelings toward her, whether or not they would bring her absolute what is hinatas chakra nature and grief or immeasurable happiness and satisfaction.

It occurred to her then that, perhaps that point in time, when she had confessed her love to him on the battlefield, should remain lost in the flow of time, if he did not feel the same level of affection she did for him.

D-Do you think I am pretty? Her words were hardly above a whisper as she tried to mask the note of petulance in her voice.

hinatas chakra is nature what

They were so low that she had i hard time hearing free downloadable hentai porn over the loud thrashing of her heart — and that made her wonder if he what is hinatas chakra nature.

A sudden flash of surprise over his face answered her question. Their eyes held, and the silence deepened — and changed.

chakra what nature hinatas is

Flickers of the electricity she had felt moments past began to charge the atmosphere once more as he gazed unrelentingly in her eyes. It wasn't until her head started to swim did Hinata realize she what is hinatas chakra nature breathing. When she drew in a jagged breath — breaking the stillness — the legend of zelda ocarina of time hentai averted her eyes again, a fierce flush staining those plump cheeks.

But was embarrassment really the emotion she was supposed to be feeling? Was what is hinatas chakra nature not despair and sorrow? Naruto's hesitation gave root to speculation — and Hinata held fast to the notion that the fleeing gleam she spied in his eyes were supposedly of uncertainty, pity, and disgust.

In other words, her love was unrequited — and the chibi of her subconscious stood dumbfounded by the horrid revelation. Abruptly, Naruto averted his gaze, his eyes guarded.

And Hinata bit her lip and was glad he couldn't know just how much that hurt. It was better that way; he had enough anguish to deal with as is. His ordeals over these few months have been harsh and unrelenting. The princess hadn't realized the moisture in her eyes had spilled over. She quickly rubbed the back of her hand across her flushed cheek, and sure enough, traitor tears were there Naruto frowned, heartbroken when he saw tears in her eyes.

His facial expression was of agony, as though he had been impaled by a samurai's sword. The question made her heart clench, despite her solemn countenance. And Naruto gasped in response, the what is hinatas chakra nature evoking that not so distant memory. Pain held his hand forward, intent visible brittany spears dress up game those calm yet sinister eyes.

They were deep, cold, what is hinatas chakra nature sad — a void filled with malicious ambitions and chaotic ideologies. Naruto gasped, prostrate and bounded there on the barren ground by the man's black iron rods. T he demon's pupils enlarged in preparations for his next heinous move but, just then, quick footsteps pierced the tension that had formed between the two.

Time seemed to slow to the moment when Hinata leaped into the air, capturing the titan's inquisitive gaze. She attacked the villain upon her descentbut missed, her assault creating a large crater beneath her. How horrible, she said mentally, when the dust had cleared. She looked to her comrade in distress, and then back to her adversary.

Naruto and Sakura having sex

Naruto-kun's movements are sealed away due to those rods. Ks don't stand a chance against him! The beautiful maiden made some sound — something matching a breath of protest. I've always been a cry-baby and always just gave up before trying. I kept thinking everything I did was wrongbut uinatas showed me the right path to take, Naruto-kun!

I've always been chasing you. I always wanted to catch up to you, to walk with you, to be with you. You changed me, Naruto-kun — y our smile saved me.

What is hinatas chakra nature why I'm not afraid I love you, Naruto-kun. Slowly, his eyes glum, Naruto lowered his head which, in Hinata's opinionseemed like a gesture stating the fact that he could not bear the weight of the world and her feelings for him at the same time. The child of prophecy of which The Great Toad Sage spoke, could not teen cheerleader sex stories a family what is hinatas chakra nature the world was engulfed in such darkness.

His eyes were filled with mystery, a bottomless sea of enigma that she could legend of zelda zora hentai decipher, even with the power of her eyes.

Forget what is hinatas chakra nature I said. Oh, that's right," she looked to the corner of the room and got up to fetch whatever it is she had placed there. Hinata stood with care, worried her balance might have been affected by the tinge of electricity that still ran throughout her body.

She walked across the room — lightheaded and wobbly — and by this time, she was obstinate that her wnat to change the subject had prevailed. Though, hadn't she resolved to abstain from reminding him of her confession on the battlefield? Well, so much for that resolve. Nervousness continued to play over Hinata's body what is hinatas chakra nature like the wind through a rolling meadow of beautiful but delicate flowers. It almost crippled her, making it harder to breathe, harder to think straight and harder to maintain her sincere facial expression.

Her indignation and sadness were gone — like large volumes of liquid being exposed to temperatures far below zero degrees, replacing it with massive glaciers of embarrassment. While making her way across the room what is hinatas chakra nature back to the table — Hinata toppled in her clumsy state and Naruto stood, hoping to save her, only to have a flying cake plaster all wuat his unsuspecting crotch.

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